Vacuum Cleaner Inventors – Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner is not an invention of one man. It was necessary to pass through stages and ideas, from impractical wooden gadgets to indispensable machines without which we would have much harder lives. These people did that. Read more about vacuum cleaner’s inventors.

Picture Of Hubert Cecil Booth

Hubert Cecil Booth

Hubert Cecil Booth was an engineer in a true sense of that word. When he saw a mechanical cleaner that didn’t work as efficiently as he thought it should, his first reflex was to improve it. Read more about inventor Hubert Cecil Booth.

Picture Of James Murray Spangler

James M. Spangler

James Spangler was an inventor his whole life but not too successful one. Near the end of his life, he invented a the machine that changed how we live from that moment on. Read more about James M. Spangler.

Picture Of Tube Of Vacuum  Cleaner

James B. Kirby

One of the most famous names in the world of vacuum cleaners is, next to Hoover, - Kirby! He was the inventor since the earliest days and although renowned for vacuums he had much more patents to his name. Read more about inventions of James B. Kirby.

Picture Of Oriental Carpet

Daniel Hess

Daniel Hess was a pioneer in the field of vacuum cleaning. He invented the machine for cleaning of carpets some 40 years before anyone else. The machine wasn’t practical, but it showed the way to other inventors.

Anna Sutherland Bissell

Anna Sutherland Bissell was the first female CEO of any company in the United States and a progressive business executive who showed uncharacteristic concern for her employees during the time of The Great Depression. Her exploits in expanding the labor relations policies lead to the widespread adoption of modern employee benefits.

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